About Us

about_us_2Physician in Ayurvedic term is known as Vaidya, or one who has a perfect knowledge about the subject. Here, Ayurveda being a very personalized knowledge system, it demands a long and arduous training in the theory and practice of the system under a Guru or a preceptor. Raghavendra Karanth and Pratheeksha Karanth after acquiring graduation in Ayurveda decided to go in for the traditional learning by embracing the science of Ayurveda in its true sense, leading to fine practitioners who are not ready to be constrained under the shackles of orthodoxy.

Panchajanya Ayurveda Ashrama has been their personal dream. This healing institution blends the old tradition of Ayurveda with modern amenities for the current demanding world, situated in the picturesque Malnad (Chikkamagalur District of Western Ghats in Karnataka) ensures a healing touch to your body and soul. The concept of Ayurveda is deeply ingrained in this ashrama, where the patient feels at home. In Ayurveda, the home of the physician will be the home of the patient. The airconditioned cottages, wireless Internet facility, physician’s home cooked food and a relaxed environment are the specifications of these practitioners.